2022 Joshua Jefferson, He Is A Rising Star In Las Vegas. “The Interview Corner”

If you’re looking for a scouting report, you came to the wrong place. 2022 6’7 Joshua Jefferson of Liberty high, has all the tools to be special. That conversation is definitely for another day. Sometimes its just good to allow young people to express themselves. Joshua is an intelligent young man, His priorities are definitely in the right place.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: I see that you are a competitor, where did your competitive nature come from, and what motivates you?

Joshua: My competitive nature came from always losing against my brothers in everything. When I was younger they wouldn’t go easy on me. My family motivates me the most. They always keep me pushing, to keep progressing on and off the court.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: Coming off of last season, What did you learn about yourself as a basketball player?

Joshua: Coming off last season as a player, I learned that, I can take this basketball thing really hard. I have all the tools to make it far I just have to stay focused in school, and keep doing stuff other players aren’t willing to do.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: What are your strengths as a player, and what are some of your weakness that you need to work on to improve your game?

Joshua: The strengths of my game is, any time I attack the basket, the Objective is to get a good shot off at the rim. Another one of my strengths is creating shots for my teammates. The weaknesses of my game is being able to guard 1 Thru 5. If I’m able to do that there shouldn’t be anywhere on the court I can’t play. I must become a more consistent shooter so I can stretch the floor in key moments.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: As a young player, I know that you have a Lot of time on your hands. What are you doing to keep yourself in shape during these times?

Joshua: At this time, I keep my self in shape by doing sand pit workouts, and getting in the gym whenever I can, also going to open runs when possible. Last week I was doing 3 a day. Staying in shape has not been a problem for me.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: What is it going to take for Liberty to make a deep run in this year’s playoffs?

Joshua: This year for us to make a deep run in the playoffs, we are going to need to play excellent defense. And on the offensive end, we must move the ball to get open shots. We must Dominate inside the paint on both ends of the floor. As long as we hold teams to 40 points or lower we should be good.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: Outside of Basketball, what are some of the things that you like to do?

Joshua: when I’m not playing basketball, like other kids, I like playing video games with my friends. I like watching T.V. series, or something with my family. I don’t have any crazy hobbies really.

Unit 1 Hoop Source: If it’s one thing that you would want the basketball world to know about you, what would it be?

Joshua: One thing I would want the basketball world to know about me is that I am a very smart kid. I take care of business inside the classroom. Without school all the basketball stuff goes out the window.

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