3 ways to adjust to the recruiting process post Covid-19.

Due to the coronavirus, tournaments have been canceled, so what does this mean for the recruiting class of 2021 and 2022? Unfortunately the NCAA recently announced a recruiting dead period for the organizations top division through June 30th, so this means more pressure for High School Student Athletes.

If you are a top level recruit and highly publicized then this may not apply, but for players entering their juniors and senior year, it is challenging. The AAU spring and summer circuit is usually a busy time for high school basketball players around the country, and for rising seniors, it is the most important summer. High school players from around the world understand as a rising senior, it is the chance to showcase their skill in front of hundreds of coaches at once. Due to the state of the country, no physical contact is permitted, so here are three key ways High School players can increase their chances of college recruitment:

  1. Emailing Film – Highlight tape on youtube are great, but make you are emailing coaches full game film as well. Emailing is an essential form of contact, so make sure you have a formal introduction with clear interest in their institution. it is best to give insight of who you are and your reasoning for wanting to be apart of their next wave of players. Coaches would like to know who you are as a person, student, and player. Player is last!
  2. Social Media – Youtube, Instagram, Facebook are great ways to stay relevant, so do not hesitate sharing your highlights, following colleges, tagging schools in your post, and posting daily new content about your excitement and work ethic for the game.
  3. Staying Connected – Do not lose contact with coaches and other supporters of your basketball journey. I know social distancing is hard, but staying connecting is one like button, text, or call away. Do not be forgotten!

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