5 Year D1 Recruiting Report In Las Vegas Between 2014-15/ 2018, SOME OF VEGAS BEST!

I thought it would be very interesting to take a look at the past 5 years of Las Vegas recruiting. At the highest level Division 1.

Clark County, Nevada’s estimated population is 2,204,079 with a growth rate of 6.47% in the past year according to the most recent United States census data. Clark County, Nevada is the 1st largest county in Nevada.

Many high school Basketball Junkie are curious to know what is our percentages in putting out players throughout the valley.


With the growth rate of basketball in Las Vegas it is pushing people to believe that the only way to success is Division 1. Let me make it very clear that is not the case, if you are given the opportunity to play at the next level that is truly a blessing. Since I cover men’s high school basketball it’s very important for young people to understand it’s not about where you go! It’s about what you do! Young people must make the best of their opportunity when it comes!


From a statistical standpoint Las Vegas is putting out 4 players a year from data research since 2014.
For me personally it really doesn’t matter what school you go to, or what AAU program you play for! It’s about the city! It’s about where we stand in our development and growth.


Since the topic of discussion is surrounding Division 1. Here is a list of names that have made the transition from high-school to college D1. Some of these young men are finding success up to this point.


Let Get Down To Business!

2014,2015,2016,2017,2018 Lists:

6’3 Malik Abbott- Mojave High

6’6 Garrett Scheer- Centennial High

6’6 Justin Burks- Arbor View High

6’6 Byron Frohnen- Bishop Gorman

6’7 Spencer Mathis- Valley High

6’2 Darryl Gaynor Jr.- Durango High

6’6 Diontae Jones- Clark High

6’1 Noah Robotham- Bishop Gorman

6’8 Michael Diggins- Durango High

6’5 Nick Blair- Bishop Gorman

6’7 Nate Grimes- Quality Education Academy

6’4 Trey Woodbury- Clark High

6’5 James Bridges- Clark High

6’4 Christian Popoola- Bishop Gorman

6’6 Maka Ellis- Sierra Vista High

6’10 Chase Jeter- Bishop Gorman

6’7 Troy Brown- Centennial High

7’0 Zach Collins- Bishop Gorman

6’4 Jordon Davis- Canyon Springs

6’11 Stephen Zimmerman- Bishop Gorman

6’8 Ray Smith- Las Vegas High

6’6 Charles O’Bannon Jr- Bishop Gorman

6’7 Tyler Bey- Middlebrooks Academy

6’3 Darrian Traylor- Centennial High

6’7 Jamal Bey- Bishop Gorman

6’9 Darian Scott- Centennial High

6’2 Shaq Carr- Canyon Springs High


3 JC Transfer:

6’3 Deishuan Booker- Andre Agassi Prep

6’4 PJ Savoy- Las Vegas High

6’2 AJ Banks- Cheyenne High

No doubt these young men went to school to play the game that they love. The most important thing for them to remember is to get their degrees, and apply them to their personal life to create success for their future!

If I have forgotten someone on this list it wasn’t my intention!

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