Adults Anxiety In Youth Basketball; The Impact & Effects…..

I wrestle with discussing this subject openly; fearing the backlash that might come with my views & opinions. The world has become extremely sensitive to Constructive criticism. I believe intelligent dialogue is crucial to the infrastructure of our society. We must address issues that have an effect on human behavior.

The anxiety of parents has hit an all-time high in basketball. Let us look at the definition of anxiety: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. The competitive nature of youth athletics is driving adults to behave in such a way; that’s not healthy for the development of young people.

Basketball is a refuge for many of our children in this country. Ensuring their mental safety should be our number one priority. Beneath the surface of competitive basketball lies an ugly pervasive truth; that many parents are not willing to confront.

Parents must understand they can’t live their children’s lives on the hardwood! Personal growth and development is something that every individual has to encounter in their lifetime.

Coaches and trainers have to be leaders of men! Demonstrating leadership with a positive outcome. Basketball is like life whatever you put into it; that’s exactly what you will receive from it!

Youth-serving organizations must promote a culture that prioritized the safety of children at its core. I do not believe it’s the responsibility of tournament directors to police parents who are out of control.

Every youth event should start with having a clear code of conduct. An outline of how adults should maintain appropriate behavior in the presence of young athletes.

Believe me, I understand the competitive nature of this game from a parent’s perspective. The bottom line is that sports are a refuge for children to develop skills they’ll utilize for the rest of their lives.

This is for my parents whose children compete at an elite level. Please understand you earn a scholarship, you’re not given a scholarship. We have to change the language that is being fed to our children. Once the language is changed; the perspective of our young people will change!

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