An Open Letter To Us As Black Men… THE KILLING MUST STOP🛑

Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humanness, courage, and sternness. These qualities are essential to any successful Nation. When you look at the state of our condition in this country, a lot of these qualities are missing from our current leadership. America is on the verge of an internal break down.

I have always said; when most think of military, they think of the four branches of the armed forces. True military is a state of mind, and it can also be the heart and soul of a Nation.

The death of 14 year old teen Semaj Miller, is a heinous and reprehensible crime. It was a demonstration of self-hate! As a father, I am deeply frustrated with our ongoing behavior. I’m writing this from a place of pain! Can’t we see that we are fighting a war on two fronts. Anyone who understands military action knows a successful operation cannot be won on two fronts.

I want (US) the black community to stop and think on how many mothers are waking up everyday knowing their sons have died at the hands of gun violence! Our behavior is no better than the law-enforcement that continues to kill us daily.

I must say that I am not here looking for someone to solve our problems. We as a collective group of people must create progressive solutions to ongoing issues that exist among us. We have some deep systemic issues that the house must address. The Birth Of Jim Crow was a resurgence of a terrorist campaign against blacks during the reconstruction era. But I must say that some of our communities in this country are committing terrorist campaigns on our children and it Must STOP!

We all play a part in the safety of our children!

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  1. You’re so right my brother I feel that falls on our black politicans as long it doesn’t effect their family are $$$ they really don’t care

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