Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up 2023 “Kevin Patton Jr” Of Arizona…..

Sitting on the sideline is not the way to become successful in the writing industry of grassroots sports. As we continue to survey the landscape of high school and grassroots basketball from around the country, there are definitely young up-and-coming players.

The eyes and the power of the pen will always set you apart from your peers in this game of basketball. Talking never has gotten a man anything out of life; if there’s no work behind it! Just a little food for thought. Now, let’s get down to business!

I do not consider myself a scout or talent evaluator. I am quite sure there are many in the south and on the East Coast who are not familiar with players out west. Our job here at Unit 1 Hoop Source News is to bridge that gap.

2023 6’8 170 pound Kevin Patton Jr of Arizona, is a name the country should become familiar with. I had an opportunity to see Kevin his upside is high as he continues to grow and develop as a player.

Kevin has the ability to play positions 2 through 4. At 6’8, his perimeter skills allows him to create problems for the opponents. He demonstrates good mobility and lateral movement. Kevin has an active motor and can be very disruptive on the defensive side. He shows the potential of becoming an elite defender.

Kevin Patton Jr

I am impressed with Kevin’s ability to display good body control as a finisher around the basket. He has good hands and eye coordination. Kevin show’s the ability to face up and attack off the dribble. All of these attributes are good signs for a young player.

Mr Patton is unselfish, and a versatile player with a good basketball IQ. His ability to get out in transition and create plays makes him a legitimate threat. There’s definitely a lot to like about Mr. Patton. Listen to his measurements: 7’0” wingspan, and a 36 inch vertical. He also has a 4.25 gpa. This tells me we are dealing with an intelligent athlete!

Kevin, has the attributes of becoming a high major player. We will continue to track his progress and development on his journey. He will run with the AAU program Dream Vision out of California.

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