Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up: 2023 Tyler Smith

The sports industry is not just a signature aspect of the American way of life, but has also become a major component of the American economy. – WILLIAM C. RHODEN

It will be crucial for this next generation of athletes to understand the power of their platform. As we continue to survey the landscape of high school basketball. Texas has some good looking prospects in the class of 2023.

2023 6’9” Tyler Smith of Bush high school (TX) has the potential to be a special player. I can see why Tyler is high on College coaches recruitment boards. He’s long & very skilled for his age.

Tyler Smith

Tyler is affective in transition; he’s a face up wing that has the ability to knock down the mid range jump-shot. Tyler has the ability to finish plays in traffic with either hand. Tyler can put the ball on the floor in transition and make plays for his teammates. His basketball IQ is above average.

I was impressed with Tyler’s ability to step beyond the arc and knock down the three point shot. This young man is a very smooth player who has a bright future. At the current moment Tyler is being recruited by Auburn, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Houston, LSU, and Memphis.

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