Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up: Amar Smith Of “Nevada Hard To Guard”…..

I do not consider myself to be the typical content writer when it comes to covering high school basketball. Every athlete has a personal roadmap that he or she will have to play out in this world of athletics.

As we continue to survey the landscape of high school basketball from around the country, I find it very intriguing to cover players that many from around the nation are not familiar with!

2021 6’0 180 pound point guard Amar Smith of Las Vegas, Nevada is definitely a player that college coaches should get to know. He is probably one of the best over-ball defenders in the city. Smith is a two sport athlete that brings a hard nose competitive spirit to the hardwood.

Amar Smith

Our job at Unit 1 Hoop Source is to help create a platform for players who were affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Let’s take a look at Smith’s skill set.

Smith, is a strong physical guard that has good mobility and lateral movement. He’s a energy guy with an active motor. Smith can be very disruptive by getting deflections and creating points in transition. He’s definitely a problem on the defensive side!

Smith is still developing as a player, but you definitely can see he has the tools to be a very solid point guard.

On the offensive side of the ball, Smith has good ball skills. He demonstrates the ability to aggressively drive and attack the rim off the bounce. Smith is quick and sneaky athletic; he shows the ability to play with pace as a point guard.

Smith shows good form and elevation on his mid-range shot; This is very important for guards 6’1 and under. Overall, Smith has not reached his full potential but he’s definitely a prospect that college coaches should take a look at! A good 2-way guard.

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