Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up: 4⭐️Bruce Thornton

I have never considered myself to be a basketball experts. I just wanted to know what drives people to be so obsessed with the game. After my son graduated from high school, I decided to travel the country and study different regions and players.

One thing I come to understand there are very good players all over this country. Even though I live on the west coast, the state I find very intriguing is Georgia. There is no shortage of athletes in the Peach State male & female. I definitely was introduced to it last week at the one day showcase “The Opening.”

This week we will feature 2022 6’2 190 pound point guard Bruce Thornton of Milton high (Ga). As a sophomore, Thornton averaged 23 points, 7.5 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game. After watching film, Thornton ability to see multiple things on the court is very good.

2022 Bruce Thornton

One thing that jumps off film was his defensive effort and his intensity to compete on every possession. Thornton attacks the basket in the key, over powers defenders and delivers results through contact. Thornton is athletic he can handle coast-to-coast in the transition game. I love this young man’s physicality, he’s a player that’s going to make a program very happy. At the current moment Thornton is being recruited by Auburn, Cincinnati, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Kentucky just to name a few.

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