Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up: 3⭐️ Malique Ewin

Let’s continue our landscape of talent in the southeast region. The more I learn about players from around the country. The more I understand how important it is for me as an individual to do my own research. Finding out quality information on a player is extremely important at the high school level.

As I continue, their are some players who catch my eye. I have come to learn in life; it is not the big things you do in life that bring about success. It will be the little things that will separate you from your peers.

Malique Ewin

2022 6’9” 220 pound forward Malique Ewin out of Liburn, Georgia ( Berkmar high school) is a player in that region; local scouts and talent evaluators know well.

Malique is one of the most skilled big men in the southeast. At 6’9” his soft touch around the rim is extremely affect. He has the ability to step outside and knock down shots. Strong, Athletic and versatile describes this young man skill-set.

What make Mr Ewin so intriguing, he has the ability to be a walking double-double. Malique has good size in the post & rebounds well. What impressed me the most is his ability to put the ball on the floor in transition. He moves well and has a good basketball IQ. I definitely like Mr. Ewin’s skill set. He will be high on some college coaches recruiting board.

At this current moment, 24/7 sports has Malique ranked 129th Nationally in his class. And the 10th ranked player in Georgia.

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