Around The Country In 2 Minutes, Next Up: Simon Neuhaus

Exposure is a overhyped word and often a misused one when it comes to performance. It is best to prepare for opportunities rather than chase exposure. You should be more aware of what coaches & scouts are seeing versus being seen. Paul Biancardi, National recruiting director

Let’s continue to survey the landscape of high school and grassroots basketball. Our writing service solely focuses on bringing awareness to players that the country may not be familiar with.

I’m quite sure people on the West Coast are not familiar with some players in the Mid-West region. Changing the narrative can only happen by Highlighting new talent that has good upsides.

2023 6’5 forward, Simon Neuhaus of East Grand Rapids High School (MI), has an opportunity to become a very good prospect. Simon is still developing as a player and has a lot of tools to work with. Being a young player, Simon has a good feel for the game.

Simon Neuhaus

I will continue to stress to parents and players on how important it is to have full game film on hand. After doing my homework, I had an opportunity to watch a full game on Simon.

On the defensive side of the ball, Simon has active hands in the passing lanes and moves well for his size. He’s a tough player that is willing to take a charge in game situations.

Simon has a nice touch from the mid range and can step outside beyond the Arc and knock down the three point shot. At 6’5” 200 pounds, Simon has the ability to finish at all three levels. He can put the ball on the floor and attack the rim.

What makes Simon such and intriguing player is his water polo background; he has stamina, and is an athlete that will only get better with time.

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