Around The County In 2 Minutes; Next Up 2024 Brody Kozlowski of Corner Canyon

As we continue to survey the landscape of high school basketball; there are quality players from every region. The class of 2024 has an enormous amount of talent.

This might be one of the deepest classes from coast to coast. As we make our way west. The next stop on our calendar was the Great Western Fall Classic in Utah.

2024 6’7” Brody Kozlowski of Corner Canyon, (UT) is a name that you should become familiar with within the western region. This young man is just getting started. A throwback player that is hard to find in this Moderate era.

Brody is tall with a wingspan and has the ability to contest shots. He’s a good solid low post defender with strong physical presents. An unselfish player that has a basketball IQ to complement his skill set.

Brody Kozlowski

Kozlowski has good court awareness; he has a knack for knowing where to be on the floor. His ability to shoot the ball creates problems for the opposition. He can stretch the floor with spacing. Kozlowski demonstrates a mid-range shot that has the ability to extend out to the three-point line.

Kozlowski has not scratched the surface of his potential. There is still room for improvement. What I like most about this young prospect are his size and length. He will definitely be a problem long-term!

At the current moment, Brody Kozlowski has received entries from Idaho State and Eastern Washington

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