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I have been taught that “the cornerstone to a civilized society, is good family structure.” When inquiring on the Top 25 Prospect 2024 Jamari Phillips, I felt compelled to reach out to his family to get a more in-depth understanding of Jamari.

Family support provides a foundation that gives way to an internal strong belief in self. Jamari demonstrates this type of character when he’s on the hardwood. James, his father expresses that he believes Jamari is driven by his brother closest (Jaden Phillips) to him in age. Jamari is the youngest of four boys.

Starting out for some years; Jamari on the sideline. Watch his father concentrate on developing his older brother. From time to time his father would throw in some drills for the younger Jamari to work out on. He believe (Jamari) wanted to be better than his brother or at least as good as him.

The Philip Brothers

Jamari was introduced to basketball in the first grade. He played for and was Coach by his father. The team was called Bakersfield Elite; A guy named Jesse Soto who played for Chino Hills State started the program.

The Phillip’s family is not the typical family. James is 6’4” and a former athlete, Mrs. Phillips is 6’1/2” and participated in high school track. Specializing in long-distance, and the high jump. She had an all-time high jump of 6 feet 4 inches.

Older brother Jaden Phillips is a legit 6’5” guard, he won a 2019 State title with Foothill High of Bakersfield, California as a Sophomore. Jaden committed to the University of Pacific but de-committed due to Coach Stoudemire taking the job with the Boston Celtics.

Jaden is currently at Casper College. He has recently been contacted by Baylor University. Jaden was being heavily recruited by the likes of Fresno State, UTEP, Cal, WSU, and interest from Utah.

Older brother Jaden Phillips

As we can see Jamari comes from a talented family. The 6’2” 170-pound guard operates at a high level for his age. He has a mid-range game that can extend to the three-point line.

Jamari’s dribble penetration and body control as a finisher are above average for his age. James, Jamari’s father expressed the work ethic and the love Jamari has for the game. He gets up 150 altering hand floaters and 600 jump shots most days. A minimum of four days a week!

I am impressed with Jamari’s IQ and leadership skills. On the court, he plays with pace and has the ability in transition to switch gears.

Back home in California his father (James) says, Jamari is known as a young “Neo” like of the Matrix. You can just download information into him and he has the ability to retains it. He picks up skills and moves and concepts right away! As a freshman, he holds the school record for 3 point shots made in a game at 11.

Academically Jamari currently holds a GPA between 3.0 and 3.46.

At the current moment, Jamari holds offers from six schools: SUU, Cal, WSU, USC, Texas Tech, and Ole Miss. ASU (Bobby Hurley), UW (Hopkins), Baylor, and Kansas (Townsend) have all promised to see him before the end of October. So that they can shake his hand in person and offer him a scholarship.

We will continue to track the progress of Top players in the class of 2024…

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