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In the world of high school and grassroots athletics. I’ve come to understand, it’s easy to talk about measurement, sizes, and athletic ability.

The 2021 Wootten Top 150 camp had a plethora of high-level players on deck. Book Arthur: WILLIAM C RHODEN tells us “High school sports has become a billion-dollar industry, it’s the signature aspect of the American way of life. But, has also become a major component of the American economy.

I till parents quite often, the cornerstone to a civil society is good family structure. This element is crucial when it comes to the journey through high-level athletics! The integration of television in high school sports. Has fuel the growth of the Basketball industry.

The stakes in the recruiting game have reached an all-time high. Every College institution is looking for the services of a high-level athlete.

I would like to transition this conversation to my interview with Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra Walsh. The parents of highly rated five-star recruit Jordan Walsh.

Jordan Walsh

Me: Can you tell us a little bit about Jordan growing up as a young man:

Mrs. Walsh: Jordan has been very loving to me. He was very competitive at an early age. He was a good kid, but he was no pushovers.

Mr. Walsh: Jordan has always been a spirited young person. He would test the limits, but he was a good kid!

Me: When did you all recognize that basketball is what Jordan wanted to do:

Mrs. Walsh: Pre-school the 1st day; as we approach the school Jordan wrapped his arms around my leg and would not let go. When we enter the classroom there was a basketball goal in the corner. Jordan immediately let my leg go; he picked up the ball and made the shot. We knew then; he wanted to be a ballplayer!

Me: What drives Jordan as a basketball player:

Mr. Walsh: I think Jordan wants to show the world that he can compete at the highest level. That he is the best, that’s what drives Jordan!

Anytime there’s a question concerning his game. He wants to show he’s better than everyone else.

Me: Can you tell us from an earlier conversation that I and you had; how important it was for Jordan to compete in these types of camps at an early age:

Mr. Walsh: It was extremely important, it allowed Jordan to go wherever the competition was and compete. I can recall people asking me why are we going to New York, and California to compete in certain events.

Mr. Walsh: People would ask me why are we spending all of this money traveling around the country. When we could stay at home and compete right here in our home state.

Mr. Walsh: I tell parents every athlete’s journey is different. I felt like for Jordan it was a worthwhile investment. We started traveling with Jordan at a young age.

Mr. Walsh: It allowed him to compete and get the recognition that was necessary. The rest is history.

Me: Who introduced Jordan to Basketball:

Mr. Walsh: The first organized team Jordan played on was at the Grand Prairie YMCA in Texas. The name of the team was “The Dribblers”

Me: I know this question may be dear to your heart, but what makes your son special:

Mrs. Walsh: He’s different he’s not a follower he’s a leader.

Mr. Walsh: His motor is nonstop when he’s on the court. He wants to play defense, he wants to rebound, and he wants to compete. He involves himself completely in all aspects of the game. That’s what makes him special.

Me: What has the whole recruiting experience been for you as parents:

Mrs.Walsh: I believe the good thing that has come out of this whole experience is the knowledge that we have gain. I understand it’s a business.

Mrs. Walsh: We have created some great relationships along the way, we are so grateful that our son is blessed enough to have the options that he does.

Me: What are you all looking for in a school for your son:

Mr. Walsh: Like I have told many of the schools, we are looking for a great academic experience. We want to make sure that Jordan is at a place that’s safe and secure.

Mr. Walsh: From a Basketball standpoint we’re looking for a place where Jordan can be developed. We know he has a lot of development to go; in order for him to get to where he wants to be.

Mr. Walsh: We want to know that he’s s at a program that can provide that elite-level development. And once he’s developed. Then, I need to know that he’s at an organization that has the horsepower to pick up the phone and make calls to the right people.

Me: What is some of the schools that are really recruiting Jordan hard:

Mr. Walsh: I think that there are probably 4 to 6 schools that are really recruiting him hard that would be USC, TCU, Arkansas, Arizona State, Texas, and Memphis.

Me: Is there anything you guys would like to say enclosing to parents that are coming up in this basketball industry. Who might need a few words of encouragement and guidance:

Mrs. Walsh: Keep your circle small and don’t listen to everybody. Be a leader of your child. Do not let anyone tell you what to do with your child. You know what’s best; so follow your heart and pray on it!

Mr. Walsh: Understand as parents you go through this experience once with your student-athlete. Don’t think you’re a match for these recruiting coaches, because they are pros they do this every single year you do it once.

Mr. Walsh: Don’t go into these visits making emotional decisions. Allow yourself to come home, and sit down. Study the data and pertinent information so you can make an intelligent decision.

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