Around the Nation in 2 minutes, College Basketball At Its Best… Next Up: Northern Colorado “Jordan Davis”

I thought it would be good to step outside of my box to cover some of the past players, who are making some noise on the national level. I made an effort to catch up with Some of Vegas Best, “Mr. Jordan Davis”

I believe it was February 3, 2015 Canyon Springs was match up against National Power Findlay Prep. Findlay was rank #5 in the nation led by Alonzo Trier and PJ Washington two big time recruits. People were telling me about a young man by the name of Jordan Davis. At the time he was a 6’1 170 lbs guard.

Photo: Review-Journal

This time in my life I was doing a lot of business ventures outside of the city. A conversation started between two gentlemen about some young players in Las Vegas, they mentioned Jordan Davis. Tell you the truth I didn’t have a clue who this young man was. They spoke highly of him. I knew right then and there, I had to make my way back to the city to see him play. That Tuesday night he made me a believer, he carried his team. Jordan out scored two high-profile players, he finished with 21 points and knock down the winning bucket.

A few days later I seen Jordan match up against Troy Brown. One of his teammates had the task of holding Troy, he was not doing a good job, he immediately switched and took on the responsibility of checking Mr.Brown.

Some people may be asking where am I going with this story. It is really for our young people. I believe that our young people have a voice, and they have the ability to express themselves to their peers. So I reached out to Jordan, I inquired about his recruiting.fullsizeoutput_67a0

ME: When you were coming out of high school how many offers did you have?

Jordan: 4 schools, NCU, Eastern Washington, Hawaii, and Northern Arizona.

ME: What would you say to young players who haven’t receive offers?

Jordan: Keep pushing forward, sometimes this game isn’t going to love you back as much as you love it. But when it does it’s going to be all worth it.

ME: What encouraging words would you give young players?

Jordan: I would remind them that all they need is one offer. All they need is one school to give them an opportunity. So they have to work with that idea in mind! All they need is one coach to fall in love with their game! In today’s generation, I feel like kids get caught up in how many interest or offers they have! Players get caught up in post on social media. Forgetting that they can only go to one school!

ME: How important is it for you to receive your degree?

Jordan: It’s important to be more than an athlete. Don’t get me wrong as athletes we go to college for hoops. But being able to have that piece of paper will allow you to be even more successful once the ball is done bouncing.

ME: What would you tell young ball players is the biggest transition from high school basketball to college basketball?

Jordan: Every small detail makes the big picture. Nothing is possible without doing the small things 100% perfectly.

ME: What is your work regiment like on the college level?

Jordan: 6am/7am individual workout, class in the morning 9-1:30, in between class 10:30 to 12, I have treatment, practice at 2:30pm, 7pm individual shooting, sleep by 11. I have class every 9-10:30 and 12:10 – 1:30

ME: What are your goals and expectations for this upcoming season?

Jordan: Win the conference and go to March Madness and Win MVP!

ME: How important is family to you?

Jordan: Family means everything to me. Whether it’s my teammates, or blood family. It means everything! I believe as athletes we need the support to help us through life as athletes. Plus for me, because I’m a father everything I do is for my daughter and not myself!

I would like to thank “Jordan Davis” for giving me an opportunity to interview him. It’s always a pleasure to talk to young people who are committed to Excellence! I look forward to seeing this young man Destroy his league this year!


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