Just A Look At Some Sensational Incoming Freshman; Class of 2025….

This is not an evaluation. I leave evaluating to more qualified people; who are committed to their craft. This past summer, I was fortunate to see some of the best 8th-grade talent in America.

Tournament directors and camp organizers make it possible for many; to sit and observe some of the rising stars of tomorrow.

Camps & Tournaments like CP3, Pangos All Fr/So camp, Crossroads Elite Invitational, West Coast Elite, OTR, and Made-Hoops. Are just a few that are valuable to the world of youth basketball.

The transition from middle school to high school can be overwhelming. Keep in mind these are young men; who are developing mentally and physically for the next level. Growth is a process that every individual has to endure in order to maximize their full potential.

Here are five players, I enjoyed seeing this past summer: 6’2 Guard Meleek Thomas of Pittsburgh, Pa. He will get you a bucket!

2025 Meleek Thomas

6’6 wing Jamier Jones of Florida is crazy Athletic

2025 Jamier Jones

6’10 center Francis Chukwdebelu of Texas, He’s young and active

2025 Francis Chukwdebelu

6’4 Guard Darryn Peterson of Ohio, a lot of upsides! “Big Guard”

2025 Darryn Peterson

6’8 Forward Koa Peat of Arizona is special!!

2025 Koa Peat

I must reiterate these are players I have seen personally. There are more players in America that are just as talented. I look forward to seeing 6’4 Guard Elzie Harrington of California & 6’4 Guard Jerry Easter of Ohio.

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