As we continue to survey the landscape of high school basketball. Let’s take a look at one of the more unique prospects in the class of 2022. Unless you are a Basketball junkie most will not be familiar with high school players from around the country until they hit the college scene.

2022 6’6 190 pound wing Barry Dunning of Mobile, Alabama is a good looking player. Let’s dig a little bit into his skill set; and find out why colleges are so high on him.

Schools like Memphis, Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, and Georgia Tech are just a few that could benefit from Mr. Dunning services in the future. He has good size and skill; with mobility and play making skills.

Barry Dunning

Dunning is a very active wing that has a knack for finding the ball; and getting out in transition. With his size and length he demonstrate good ball skills. Dunning Is aggressive, at driving and attacking the rim off the bounce.

I am extremely impressed with his ability to push the ball in transition and get his teammates involved. Dunning has good hand and eye coordination for a wing. His ability to step out and knock down the 15 foot shot is very underrated.

On the defensive side of the ball, he can guard 1 through 4. His long arms allows him to get into the passing lanes causing transitional points. Dunning can step out on the perimeter; being very disruptive and contesting shots. Overall Barry Dunning is a player to watch. A cerebral wing with a lot of upside. At the current moment 247Sports has Dunning Nationally ranked 49th and the #1 small for in Alabama.

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