NCAA Live Recruiting Periods In Jeopardy

News- The year 2020 has been crazy, And I believe that’s an understatement. According to multiple sources, the NCAA is unlikely to whole live recruiting periods in August.

The proposed recruiting dates are August 15-16 for non-scholastic events, and August 22-23 scholastic, Sept. 5-7, non-scholastic, and Sept. 19-20 scholastic. At this current moment no dates have been set for the month of October.

This hurts potential prospects who can’t be seen. The NCAA Division 1 board is “due to vote in a few weeks” according to sources.

The next best alternative for College coaches will be live stream broadcast. “The NCAA is extremely confuse with this current situation, and time will only tell if they can come up with a resolution.”

Stay tuned for more details…

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