Top HBCU Basketball Programs, And The Dilemma To Stay Afloat

Update Post- If you have never experienced an HBCU event, it comes with a lot of entertainment and excitement. The college experience is like no other, but the sports programs are heavily underfunded.

When it comes to basketball, there are several factors that come into play, ranging from money, location, exposure, and to simply winning basketball games. These are critical components to developing a winning program. That’s the mindset that has haunted HBCU’s and their athletic departments since segregation ended.

Since 1936, when the South-Eastern conference became the first of the major collegiate conferences to award athletic grant- in- aid, athletic scholarships had become the centerpiece of the college sports industry. History and tradition has definitely went out the window with the modern day player; he can only see exposure and playing on the big stage.

When high school superstar Josh Christopher took a visit to Howard university that was huge for HBCUs across the board. To be honest it was like President Obama taking office. It felt good, but it could not create significant change. Before we take a look at some of the top HBCUs basketball programs. I want to make it very clear. It’s not a consolation prize to play for a Historically Black University.

North Carolina A&T- Is the Largest public HBCU in the nation it’s sports program is making great progress.

Tennessee State- Before coronavirus interrupted the college season. TSU had 9 Division 1 wins most of any HBCUs in 2019-20 season.

Texas Southern- A program that is known for playing out of its conference against big programs. Oftentimes, the record doesn’t show how good of a quality program it really is.

Hampton- This program has proven it’s worthy of being on this list. It continues to make progress, on and off the court. It has a good Fanbase and stands behind its players.

Norfolk State- Norfolk State has not had a losing record in conference play, for 21 straight years. The ability to recruit in state is huge for this program. They have sent more than 30 players to play professional basketball around the world.

Howard- This institution has a historical legacy, alumni base and national reach cannot be debated. The commit from 7’0 235 pound center Makur Maker is huge for HBCU programs.

School’s moving in the right direction; Gambling, South Carolina State, NC Central, Prairie View.

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