Surveying The Landscape Of High School Basketball, Next Up: Ian Sohieffelin

Last year Grayson high school of Loganville, Georgia, was one of the top programs in the nation. At 30-1, they were one win away from clinching their spot in GEICO Nationals.

Unless you follow high school basketball on a national level, you know that Grayson high had one of the most lethal backcourts in the country. Devon Smith the (Mississippi State signee) and Caleb Murphy (USF) Signee.

As we continue to survey the landscape of high school basketball players around the country. We look for players who might have been over shadow for different reasons.

2021 6’8″ 220 pound Forward Ian Sohieffelin of Grayson high, (GA), is definitely a talent that has the ability to be rank on a national level. Ian is versatile and has the ability to score on all three levels. Ian is a work horse a throwback player.

Ian Sohieffelin

According to an article I read, Ian committed himself to losing weight and getting in shape. This says a lot about this young man’s character.

It’s rare for young athlete to be so aware as to identify such a problem area, and follow up with the determination to make their own adjustments.

Ian, as a sophomore felt over powered by players who had D1 caliber on a high school level. It was a major wake-up call, and he was determined to answer that call. Ian can stretched the floor, due to his ability to step out on the perimeter and knocked down shots.

He’s skilled on the block and has good footwork with a feathery touch around the rim. Ian has good hands in the post and compete on both ends of the floor. Mr Sohieffelin rebounds and runs the floor in transition. He plays with a competitive edge that is needed at the next level. At the current moment Ian has been offered by Clemson, Appalachian State, and Georgia State.

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