The Battle Ground, The Fight To Keep Our Young Talent Home… G-League vs The World

It seems like yesterday we were having a conversation about RJ Hampton & LaMelo Ball making the decision to play overseas in the NBL. The new massive pay structure to the G-League has become very attractive. The one-percent of Top high school basketball athletes or presented with the new updated version of the Select contract.

The $150,000 dollars that Ball & Hampton were offer, has changed drastically to somewhere around six figures for one year. Players like Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd, Kai Soto, and Daishen Nix are the yardstick by which things will be measured for the future of the league.

Daishen Nix

Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA has moved to curb the loss of young talented players who are looking for other alternative like the NBL and Europe. This pass week the NBA’s G League initiative is Showing interest in one of the top prospects in the class of 2021 5⭐️ Michael Foster.

Michael Foster

The Professional Pathways Program is Tailor-made for players like Jalen Green and others similarly situated. It is said, the Program helps younger players avoid the potential pitfalls associated with moving to foreign countries themselves, where they often have to learn a new language, get accustomed to a different culture, and match up against older, and often more physically developed, players.

With the new structure and basketball minds in place the G-League will definitely catch the eyes of young promising superstars. Former 17 year veteran Rod Strickland will bring a wealth of collegiate and amateur coaching, and administrative experience to the table. Rod Strickland will serve as the professional path’s program manager.

This is definitely and option for the top-tier high school basketball players looking to launch their professional basketball careers immediately. If this current experiment work, the G-League could become a elite development ground for our young selected elite players.

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