The Changing World In High School Sports,COVID-19 Era

When high school sports restart, A major question is what the game day experience will look like for fans in the age of COVID-19, Social distancing and Constant hand-washing will be at the forefront for all schools.
We all can agree this will be the new normal going forward. High school officials will have their hands full with training student on the seriousness of COVID-19 that has affected the whole entire world.

Las Vegas (High School Sports) with fans in attendance won’t return until State authorities determine its safety for crowds to assemble, and even then, the return likely will be with new mandatory health protocols. As a freelance journalist basketball is where I find the most pleasure in covering.EE8367F1-C101-4438-9758-3236EB309F74

I believe there’s three type of fans that exist in our state: 1. The right now Fan, I’m ready to get back and have sports. 2. The Fan that Loves the game, but is extremely cautious. 3. The I don’t care Fan, want to disregard all of protocol.

Mitch Stephens of, raise a question, If there is a season (Football) will there be fans in the stands? Here’s what he said, If social distancing rules still apply in the fall it’s hard to imagine fans will be allowed. if so, will there be a limit? Will cheerleaders, student body and band members be allowed? Without any or all, the pageantry and magic of the game will suffer. 1F43DD36-FCB2-496B-909B-6AB6E5751831

In the state of Nevada, football is the heart and soul of high school sports. To not have football is unthinkable, As of right now we have not heard anything from Nevada interscholastic sports community on the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for details and future updates.

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