The Clap Back For D2 And D3 Schools, What Parents And Players Don’t Know!

One thing I come to know, Las Vegas is very uninformed on the level of play that D2 and D3 schools offer. Most parents and high school players really don’t understand how competitive the level of play really is in 2018-19.

I know most people out West are not familiar with Barry University, D2 program out of Miami Fl. They knocked off Auburn University in 2017. This program also made it to the Elite 8 in 2018 and 2016

Chaminade University of Honolulu knocked off pac 12 Cal Bears in 2017. The quality of play at the D2 level is very high. High level D2 competition is just as good as low major D1. Tell you the truth it might be better.

During the preseason many schools from Division 2 or knocking off Division 1 programs. This is becoming a regular. Ask VCU is Queen’s University out of Charlotte for real!

I must make it very clear scholarships are available at the D2 level. Your number one priority must be are you academically eligible. There are a total of 10 full scholarships per D2 team.

High school players in the Las Vegas Valley must understand it’s about the right fit! If you are not being recruited by Division 1 programs don’t let that discourage you. Stay the course continue to work hard. Division 1 is not for everyone. Believe me everyone can’t play Division 2 or 3.

Every year I see Division 1 players transferring. Many of these players allow hype to Cloud their vision.

The class of 2018 did not have 10 Division 1 players in Las Vegas. I believe we only had four in the whole city! Do your homework breakdown the mathematical equation, and you will see the statistics show that you have a higher rate of making a Division 2 or 3 team.

Keep yourself informed (as a high school player) Las Vegas has D2 tournaments that take place during the Thanksgiving vacation in Las Vegas.

Know this young ball players at the Division 2 level it Demands a lot! High skill level, athleticism, basketball IQ, and most of all hard work and dedication.

Division 3 level:

Most parents and young ball players frown on Division 3. I will say this you should reconsider. There are some very good programs at the Division 3 level. It is true D 3 programs do not offer athletic scholarships. What most people don’t know they have the ability to put packages together to offset most of your expensive.

I know many people out West are not familiar with Husson University of Maine. This is one of the winningest programs in the entire nation regardless of D1,D2, or D3.

If you are in Las Vegas doing the Christmas break, I encourage you to get out to the classic. It take place at South Point Hotel & Event Center.

This will be a highly competitive D3 tournament with one of the top scorers in the nation.

If you have an opportunity to play at the D2 or D3 level, know that it’s a blessing! Don’t take it for granted!

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