The Crossroad of A Black Sports Nation

This new normal we are experiencing (COVID 19) is giving me an opportunity to do a lot of thinking. A thought came to my mind as I sat in my office. Why do I have a passion to elevate myself as a freelance sports journalist. The multi billion dollar sports industry has taken America by storm. At the center is one of the most important components to the whole sports industry, the African-American. 

Writing inspires me to give words of encouragement to a generation of young people. When an individual strives to perfect their craft, it takes a level of dedication and commitment to achieving the goals. This is not the heartwarming and triumphant narrative to which many of us have become accustomed to in Society. The blank canvas that I’m giving you has to be painted in a way that brings clarity to young athletes. The mission is not only to acquire material success, material success is the back end product of Hard work! 

As a member of my generation, I have a responsibility to engage the minds of young athletes to think outside the box! Let’s just stop and think, I see so many African American athletes invest in their physical performance, But are really lost in the bigger picture. Black athletes attend some of the nation’s best Universities, but Many are largely unaware of the depth and significance of their athletic roots. 

I can see some of our faces now, you’re asking the question where am I going with this conversation. We have made great contributions to the advancement of the sports industry, I have been all over this country in gyms packed with young African American athletic basketball players. I can’t tell any parent how to raise their child, I can only give my personal view on how I feel. I’ll say this though, we are at a crossroad as African-Americans in this country, and our children are in the middle. 

Balance is extremely important among all young African-American athletes, too much of anything isn’t good for you. When we neglect the development of our minds, we do a disservice to who we are. Self-improvement is a good place to start, that’s the base for community development. I’m not in the business of condemning our young athletes. I know my place, and my place is to inspire and motivate. One positive narrative is that this new generation of younger black athletes are not brain frozen into the black-labor/ white-wealth arrangement. I close with this statement from the book entitle “Forty Million Dollar Slave” by William C. Rhoden” Many (Black Athlete) have started to use and expanded network of black professionals to negotiate contracts and represent them in a variety of business ventures. Black agents are emerging, Slowly but surely, many of them young and possessed Of the aggression of the hip-hop generation. This is progress of a sort, but it is not the promised land. In some cases it’s merely black exploitation, replacing white exploitation. To really honor the struggle of the past, however, The ultimate goal must be to create a new and better model, Not to replace an old form of oppression with a new one.

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