The Current Dilemma of Appropriation In High School And Youth Basketball

In our urban communities in America, their must be a level of understanding and responsibility when it comes to engaging our children in the sports world.

The sports industry is not just a signature aspect of the American way of life, but it has also become a major component of the American economy.

I had a great conversation with someone who is respected in high level youth basketball. He gave some thought provoking statements on where the game could be going.

Some can’t see the word “recession” coming into play when we speak of high school and grassroots basketball. What is going to happen to the current class of 2021 and 2022 mid-level/ average high school players?

Parents must prepare their children mentally to understand that only a handful will make it to the finish line of an athletic scholarship or a big professional sports contract.

The National collegiate athletic association estimates that only 3% of high school seniors who played basketball in 2020 will continue to play in college; and that only half of those 3% will receive some sort of Athletic scholarship.

Level up your mental game parents. The more educated that you are the less likely you will be mentally affected by a change that is coming!!

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