The Dilemma of The NCAA And Youth Basketball In The 21st Century

The sports industry is not just a signature aspect of the American way of life, but has also become a major component of the American economy.

William C. Rhoden

Since 1936 when the Southeast Conference became the first of the major Collegiate conferences to award athletic grants-in-aid, the athletic scholarship has become the centerpiece of the college sports industry.

The NCAA estimate that only 3% of high school seniors who play basketball, will continue to play in college, and that only half of those 3% will receive some sort of athletic scholarship!

1983 the McDonald’s All-American Game was held in Atlanta. Key words came out of that All-Star Game.  (Archbishop Molloy) Kenny Smith, an (Dunbar high) Reggie Williams, and many other outstanding players were showcase in the game. It’s call the Conveyor Belt, Turn Key system that is utilized by the NCAA in this present day and time. Georgetown Head coach Jonh Thompson recognize the system.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association fears that, GrassRoots Basketball was taking over. Fast forward only 2 live period basketball sessions will take place this current year. This is not about providing a service for all athletes. This is about controlling a billion dollar industry with high-level athletes, who are Elite among all athletes.

Brian Bowen

It’s about the raw material! 90% of grassroots and college basketball is made up of African-American males that is a fact. The great Carter G Woodson said, when you control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions.

I do not have enough time and space to get into the conveyor belt system that is utilized in the urban communities throughout the country.

We have to get parents to understand you earn a scholarship, you are not given a scholarship. We have to change the language that people use; once we change their language we change their perspective.

Once An Athlete begins to see him or herself as raw material of an industry, their attitude begins to change. They begin to understand that nothing is made without them!

It’s a matter of trying to get those natural resources, all with different interest, different positions, to get them under one roof and to get them to understand. Getting the mass to understand that they do have strength, they do have ability.

This is extremely important for parents to understand. It is crucial for black parents and the African-American Community to understand that the NCAA is not their friend!

In the near future I will get into the conveyor belt system. It is a must that we explain this to parents, especially those in the African-American community! You are going to be shocked when you understand what has been going on for a very long time.

The book entitled: 40 Million Dollar Slaves is a must read.

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